Review – White Wine: 2009 Marques de Casa Concha Chardonnay, Limari Valley, Chile

The wine shares the table with a “pesco-vegan” dinner of Columbia River salmon poached in the same wine, topped with a dill mustard vegan-mayo sauce, flanked with sautéed broccolini and shiitakes, and garnished with fresh dill.

Begins smooth and dry with a hint of effervescence.  Not very aromatic or fruity in flavor, yet still bold on the tongue.  Hints of fresh ripe apricots and a bit less of peach dominate the aroma.  Mild flavors of tart apples and crisp green pears linger throughout the mouth in a way common to bold white grapes such as good Chardonnays.  Leaves the mouth feeling squeaky clean as if being cleaned by the pass of a laser light from a citrine crystal.  Great for poaching if you want a wine that does not compete with the food in flavor, but emphasizes the food’s own flavor through the wine’s bold kick.

  • Grape:  100% Chardonnay, aged in French oak barrels for 11 months
  • 14% alcohol by volume
  • Best enjoyed:  Slightly chilled, immediately upon opening, with lunch or dinner.
  • Best paired with:  Salty crackers, anchovies, sardines, fermented Asian foods, savory tapas, rich fish preparations, medium-soft to hard salty cheeses especially Cheddars and others of the British Isles, also perhaps goat and sheep cheeses, French-style or Asian-style sides or desserts of prepared fruits especially of subtler, milder fruit flavors.
  • Bottle opened, wine tasted, & review written:  2013 April 7th
  • Price: $12 (on sale from $17) (estimate – to be verified later)
  • Place of purchase:  Folgarelli’s, Traverse City

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