Review – White Wine: 2011 Luigi Baudana Dragon Chardonnay, Langhe, Piedmont (Piemonte), Italy

The drawing is okay – certainly an attractive addition to the label, and with some creative anatomy going on – but they should ask me to draw one.

The dragon is in the swallow.  Pleasingly sharp bite tackles mid-way in the mouth before spiraling its way down the throat, fire and claws and all.  But this is a helpful dragon, one you would especially want to accompany you with an elaborate multi-tiered plateau de fruits de mer (seafood platter) or rich fish steak or fillet.  (The more multi-course the foods of the sea, the better.)  Has the mouth feel and cleansing power of ginger, with the aroma of lemon-lime infused fruit punch, and a flavor of apricot, a bit of Asian pear, and maybe a little pineapple and nutmeg, with a white chocolate finish.  Enjoy trying various types of ethnic dishes to get an unusual reaction from this wine each time.

Value more worthwhile or acceptable at a sale price, unless you are absolutely craving a Chardonnay with something a little different and unexpected to offer.

  • Grape:  100% Chardonnay.
  • 14% alcohol by volume.
  • Best enjoyed:  Lightly chilled, within two days after opening.
  • Best paired with:  Large seafood platters; rich fish dishes; rice, white bean, and noodle based dishes with Asian or Indian seasonings; very pungent (garlicy, peppery, pickled or fermented) but only mildly spicy dishes and seasonings so as to not overpower the soft flame of the wine; citrus or floral sorbet; coconut cream; extra bittersweet chocolate.
  • Bottle opened:  2013 April 20th
  • Wine tasted & review written: 2013 April 21st
  • Price: $25 (retail)
  • Place of purchase:  Burritt’s, Traverse City

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