Review – Red Wine: 2002 Damianitza Uniqato (унukamo) Melnik, Damianitza (Дамянuца), Bulgaria

An aged bottle, having traveled to numerous destinations further adding to its rustic character, is deserving of a very good occasion to be consumed.  Alas, a cellar / basement / cool temperatures are presently lacking, so even our very good wines must all be consumed in short order.  Shown here in the art studio.

Lush vintage fruitiness of an Italy, with the food-enriching and palate-cleansing dryness of French Bordeaux.  The nose quite accurately picks up a rich deep full-spectrum bouquet that is further confirmed and accentuated in taste.  What is most remarkable about this wine is that the flavor is that of a very good full-bodied, rich, deep wine, yet it drinks as light as air, as if one can simply inhale a purple cloud of wine and leave the table feeling even lighter.

  • Grape:  100% Melnik, aged for 10 months in Bulgarian and French barrels
  • 13% abv
  • Best enjoyed:  Room temperature, decanted for at least one hour, same day upon opening, with dinner.
  • Best paired with:  Crudités and greens with bite (radishes, arugula), spicy but not overpowering seasonings (wasabi, horseradish, mustard), Mediterranean specialties, small-portioned choice cut steak, thick alfredo and other cheese-based saucy dishes, very creamy or savory cheeses.
  • Bottle opened, wine tasted, & review written:  2013 June 15th
  • Price: $13 (retail)
  • Place of purchase:  LCBO, Windsor, Canada

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