Review – Sake: Divine Droplets, Japan

Who isn’t attracted to gold writing, especially in the elegant fashion of calligraphy brushes?

Best enjoyed “on a sunny spring or summer day with blossoms on the trees.” – M.A.L.
Fuller thicker taste, sweeter and richer upon first sip with a stronger alcoholic sensation than another of comparable ABV.  Mildly fruity, subtly honey-floral.  Mild yeasty-wheat aftertaste.  Subtle zip or burn ringing around the edges of the mouth with dryness atop the tongue, like after having had a slice of fresh bread.  Interesting complex aroma of milk, buttercups, and fields golden wheat blowing in a pollen-drizzled wind.

  • Grade: Ju
  • Rice: Go
  • Best enjoyed within:  One week after opening.
  • Best served:  Slightly chilled (but possibly also good slightly warmed) in the evening.
  • Sake opened & reviewed:  2013 April 18th
  • Source: Burritt’s Market, Traverse City

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