Wine review : Freemark Abbey “Josephine” (2012, St. Helena, Napa Valley, California)

Serve well chilled for the fullest visual-sensual experience.

Aromas fill the glass like chilled saltwater sea-licked morning fogs that sleepily yet gracefully lift with the first rays of sunlight from the vineyard immediately post-harvest – where an abundance of ground-trodden grapes, having been all too hastily removed from the vines and having slipped from the quivering stems, met their juicy fates with the Earth – until, sometime between mere hours to short days later, after Nature’s touch initiated fermentation, the grapes’ essence rises again, leaving fragrant streaks of purple haze along the horizon of the frosty, misty morning.

The flavors are bold and vibrant as gemstones, but gentler and softer than their geometry.

This noble wine does well to honor the most noble woman vintner after whom this was named. I think she would be pleased.



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