Review – White Wine: 2006 Philippe Bornard Savagnin les Chassagnes Ouillé, Côtes du Jura, France

A so-called “yellow wine”, pale wildflower yellow in the cup, like some white wines.  A perfect pair to an antique couch upholstered with pale yellow floral embroidery (like the one in the background), preferably in a very sunny open-air conservatory or screened-in porch (which this isn’t).

Smells of soft Bourbon vanilla wafting from a freshly baked coconut-lemon cake.
Taste:  Oh! – immediate flush of sunflowers, black-eyed Susans, yellow tulips, buttercups, and daffodils!  After just a few seconds of immersion in these wild fields, the curtain is lifted by a microscopic effervescence enveloping the mouth – that, like the smoke in a magic show, gives way almost instantly to a mineraly, bittersweet pear and demanding white grapefruit finish.
Enjoy as an apéritif just before dinner on its own, or with light appetizers, especially on a warm or hot brilliantly sunny day outdoors, or when you need a sunny pick-me up at lunch.
  • Grape:  100% Savagnin Blanc (different than Sauvignon)
  • 13.5% alcohol by volume.
  • Best enjoyed:  Lightly chilled, immediately upon opening and within the same day as being opened.
  • Best paired with:  Nuts especially sourced from tropical regions, endive salad, thin crust Margherita pizza, other flame-baked flatbread appetizers or light entrées, fire-grilled vegetable skewers, whitefish especially mahi mahi (steak) or tilapia (tacoes) especially prepared in a manner suggesting of traditional cooking in warm coastal regions, creamy vanilla desserts especially custards and ice cream.
  • Bottle opened, wine tasted, & review written:  2013 June 6th
  • Place of purchase:  Lush, Chicago

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