Review – White Wine: 2011 Missing Spire Riesling, Michigan USA

The bottle.  Photo taken within the same historic building from whence the Missing Spire came.
Real history.  Poetically written true tale.

The back bottle’s story, showing the historic asylum, which has since been converted into shops, offices, and residential condominiums and apartments.

Mildly effervescent like upon sipping.  Cools and soothing stimulation to the throat like swallowing crushed ice from a snow cone.  Fades quickly into mead-like sweetness while the dry finish follows softly at first then opens up into a full dry finish.  Lingering beer- like, yeasty aftertaste, especially toward the back of the tongue.  Inviting mellow floral notes of daffodils, tulips, and honeysuckle.

  • Grape:  100% Riesling
  • 14% ABV
  • Best enjoyed:  Lightly chilled.
  • Bottle opened, wine tasted, & review written:  2013 April 16th
  • Source:  Left Foot Charley, Traverse City

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